Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Joe Clarke c10fd387f2 Add support for BROKEN_*. 2 years ago
  Joe Clarke e74c0d88e3 Warn about deprecated USE_AUTOTOOLS. 2 years ago
  Joe Clarke 36aa822974 Bump to version 2.19.7. 2 years ago
  jclarke fe2b0e06de Relax USE_LDCONFIG checks now that we don't need a specific lib pattern. 2 years ago
  jclarke 2e7b394553 Remove this portion as LEGAL is being made obsolete. 2 years ago
  jclarke c142d249ff Account for LEGAL_TEXT and per-ARCH DISTFILES in the Makefile sections. 2 years ago
  jclarke 0589f9ad04 Bump version to 2.19.6. 2 years ago
  jclarke a2f6678328 Allow ports without any leading comment section. 2 years ago
  jclarke a261049f52 Add a check to make sure the license is actually valid. 2 years ago
  jclarke 2cf6cf67f8 Bump version to 2.19.5 and remove $FreeBSD$. 2 years ago
  jclarke 984e554030 Don't make all @comments FATAL. 2 years ago
  jclarke 1032446793 Remove checks for $RCSID$ now that we're in a Git world. 2 years ago
  jclarke a8bbba6e5d Bump to 2.19.4. 3 years ago
  jclarke b5044dfb00 Warn if one declares USE_LDCONFIG without a properly named shared object. 3 years ago
  jclarke 3088ff703f Correct path to 3 years ago
  jclarke 89e48b62d8 Bump version to 2.19.3. 3 years ago
  jclarke 6714d3598a Attempt to find OPTIONS use in a smarter way. 3 years ago
  jclarke 4750ceae59 Allow a master port to have its last line be ".endif" 3 years ago
  jclarke 334f83e041 Do not complain about USE_LDCONFIG32 3 years ago
  jclarke 1f09439dde Bump to 2.19.2 since this change was bigger than I thought. 3 years ago
  jclarke 7f94770505 Properly pad makevar values to ensure alignment. 3 years ago
  jclarke 0e96d42a1d Correct USE_GITLUB typo to be USE_GITLAB. 3 years ago
  jclarke b30d80f9f5 Bump to 2.19.1. 3 years ago
  jclarke 79bf1dad6c Fix typos introduced in previous commits. 3 years ago
  jclarke 82e63972a7 Bump version to 2.19.0. 3 years ago
  jclarke 9d88f82024 Thoroughly check for an OPTION description. 3 years ago
  jclarke 3f1c39e664 Do not warn about ${DISTNAME}${EXTRACT_SFX} in DISTFILES if USE_GITHUB=nodefault 3 years ago
  jclarke 9b20d60ea4 Check for PORTSDIR defined in /etc/make.conf. 3 years ago
  jclarke d22bdeff70 Do not treat comments to ONLY_FOR_ARCHS and NOT_FOR_ARCHS as sortable data. 3 years ago
  jclarke b1ace5c5fe Bump version to 2.18.11. 4 years ago