Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  jclarke 3f1c39e664 Do not warn about ${DISTNAME}${EXTRACT_SFX} in DISTFILES if USE_GITHUB=nodefault 4 years ago
  jclarke 9b20d60ea4 Check for PORTSDIR defined in /etc/make.conf. 4 years ago
  jclarke f2e74063d8 Specify flag equivalency for -A in portlint(1). 4 years ago
  jclarke d22bdeff70 Do not treat comments to ONLY_FOR_ARCHS and NOT_FOR_ARCHS as sortable data. 4 years ago
  jclarke b1ace5c5fe Bump version to 2.18.11. 4 years ago
  jclarke 41538526d9 Check for files that have been patched multiple times. 4 years ago
  jclarke 96cee910d8 Only warn on lack of INSTALLS_ICONS when USES=gnome is set. 4 years ago
  jclarke 73831dba12 USE_PYQT sets the necessary QT USES. 4 years ago
  jclarke 3b8848347f Check to make sure OPTIONS have descriptions. 4 years ago
  jclarke 14a51836d5 Remove code to combine comments and blank lines. 4 years ago
  jclarke 3e617e5fbe No longer warn for manpages installed under share/man. 4 years ago
  jclarke a9cb38e8fd Update to 2.18.10. 4 years ago
  jclarke 947b00ea78 Fix the check for unspecified license files. 4 years ago
  jclarke 3150fc2668 A remove the check for extra items in the USE/USES section. 4 years ago
  jclarke 4369df1db5 Relax wording around restrictive licensing. 4 years ago
  jclarke 8d96b6172f Bump version to 2.18.9. 5 years ago
  jclarke d7ae01d7aa Check for options defined per ARCH to make sure we don't have a lot 5 years ago
  jclarke 7129757e3f If an option only has QMAKE_ON or QMAKE_OFF settings, it is flagged as no effect, e.g. in audio/fmit: 5 years ago
  jclarke 885d017e8a Do not warn about absolute paths in *_OLD_CMD (when USES=shebangfix is set) 5 years ago
  jclarke dd73fa1865 Add check for sensible CMAKE settings to ports-mgmt/portlint 5 years ago
  jclarke 0cf8a073e1 Correct a typo. 5 years ago
  jclarke 9d7d8530a8 Bump version to 2.18.8. 5 years ago
  jclarke a6703f1fdb Warn about leading and trailing whitespace in pkg-descr. 5 years ago
  jclarke 2e66d054f1 Make sure to check licenses on word boundaries. 5 years ago
  jclarke e3e6833a22 Handle multiple licenses. 5 years ago
  jclarke af5b8a77ee Bump version to 2.18.7. 5 years ago
  jclarke ce3302cc0c Remove the warnings around USE_PYTHON and autoplist. 5 years ago
  jclarke 697e5d7110 Update to 2.18.6. 5 years ago
  jclarke 02abd91703 Fix an uninitialized variable warning in non-Python ports. 5 years ago
  jclarke cf2d2b3693 Update to 2.18.5. 5 years ago