ANNOUNCE: Tinderbox 1.0.2 available

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Tue Mar 22 18:16:07 EST 2005

Tinderbox 1.0.2 was released on 2005-03-21, and contains support for the
recent X.Org 6.8.2 mtree changes.  Additionally, the following changes
were made:

* Fix a long-standing problem where the cleanup() function was never
called due to a symbol conflict with the internal clieanup() function.
Now, the external function is called tbcleanup(), and bugs that were
discovered by this change have also been fixed.

* Add a -c option to rmPort to cleanup packages and log files as well as
data entries 

* Sync buildscript with pointyhat

* Wrap some i386-specific portbuild items around a check for ${ARCH}

* Add support for the new top-level make distribution target when
building jails

The latest releases of Tinderbox can be downloaded from


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