troubles with LC_CTYPE/LANG

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Sun Mar 27 14:29:56 EST 2005

On Sun, 2005-03-27 at 16:03 +0200, Kirill Ponomarew wrote:
> After building new 5.x jail, I encountered these errors which are
> related to locale settings. IIRC the format of LC_CTYPE was changed
> some time ago, which required rebuild of all libs/binaries which
> were still linked to on -current.  So did I either,
> removed also all builds/logs/packages from 5.x, rebuilt jail for 5.x
> and reinstalled all packages.  Now every build on 5.x produces
> messages like:
> (null): Failed to set default locale
> Can somebody also reproduce it with LC_CTYPE/LANG != C/POSIX ?

All of my testing happens without any LANG or LC_CTYPE variables set (as
do builds on pointyhat).  It is strange though that these messages would
appear from a chroot, unless the locale files were built using the 6.X
format.  In any event, it would probably be a good idea to sanitize the
build locale to C.


> In 6.x jail I don't see these errors.
> -Kirill
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