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Wed Feb 1 20:46:57 EST 2006

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On Feb 01, 2006, at 17:33 , Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> Well, I certainly see the logic behind it (finding Perl modules in a
> robust fashion), but I didn't design the feature, and I could go  
> either
> way.  I'm not arguing for or against it.  My only point is that if  
> it is
> here to stay (and ports are already using it), TB needs to be updated.

It does seem kind of odd that when we're on the brink of removing a  
strange special case (DEPENDS) from the tree, we're now adding two  
more in.

It's all very well having detection of perl modules, though it's not  
entirely clear what happens with:

1.  manually add Foo::Bar to somewhere reachable by @INC
2.  install Baz that requires a dependency on Foo::Bar, found in  
@INC, but not recorded anywhere
3.  remove manually installed Foo::Bar

This is arguably a case for now having per-user var/db/pkg's, and yet  
another step in ensuring things are properly sanitized in a package- 
building environment.

Anyway, there's a PR open about it.  It can be further discussed  
there.  All it'd take to sort this out would be to have PERL_ 
{BUILD,RUN}_DEPENDS add to {BUILD,RUN}_DEPENDS in an appropriate  
manner.  Then nothing has to change.

- -aDe

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