port not built but no error logged

Erwin Lansing erwin at FreeBSD.org
Fri Feb 3 02:39:53 EST 2006

On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 09:33:12PM -0500, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> > 
> > root(itetcu)@kira/T >-SSH-> /var/tinderbox [2:17:58] 0
> >  # ./scripts/tc addPort -b 4-myPT -d mail/dspam-devel
> > nullfs: /var/tinderbox/portstrees/myPT/ports (/var/tinderbox/portstrees/myPT/ports) and /var/tinderbox/portstrees/myPT/ports are not distinct paths
> > nullfs: /var/tinderbox/jails/4 (/var/tinderbox/jails/4) and /var/tinderbox/jails/4/src are not distinct paths
> I'm not certain those nullfs errors are a good thing.  I use nullfs on
> one of my servers, and I never see them.

I see those two, but haven't experienced any trouble with it so I've
just considered them harmless warnings so far.


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