latest tinderbox code and sysutils/lire

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Sat Feb 4 17:14:03 EST 2006

On Sun, 2006-02-05 at 08:55 +1100, Edwin Groothuis wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 10:20:21AM +1100, Edwin Groothuis wrote:
> > Can somebody who has the latest tinderbox released code try to build
> > sysutils/lire and send me (an URL to) the logfile?
> Nobody?

It won't build correctly because TB doesn't know about PERL_*_DEPENDS.
I think Ade mentioned what happens in the bug he reported.  Basically,
the Makefile would be generated without the PERL_*_DEPENDS, and thus
those dependencies will be compiled along with lire at build-time.  The
end result is a bunch of leftover files and directories from all the

Kris commented on Ade's bug that the PERL_*_DEPENDS must be added to
{BUILD,RUN}_DEPENDS internally or this feature needs to be backed out of  Therefore, I have not updated Tinderbox to be aware of
these new macros.


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