Filesystem state checking

Ade Lovett ade at
Sat Feb 11 17:46:21 EST 2006

The other thing I'm seeing is an awful lot of false-positive  
"leftovers" all with the following commonality:

=== Checking filesystem state after all packages deleted
list of extra files and directories in / (not present on clean system  
but present after everything was deinstalled)
10507735        4 -rw-r--r--    1 root              
wheel                 236 Feb 11 22:42 usr/local/share/xml/catalog.ports
list of files present on clean system but missing after everything  
was deinstalled)
./usr/bin/perl missing
./usr/bin/perl5 missing

This happens after removing all the packages, where I do see:

Removing stale symlinks from /usr/bin...
     Removing /usr/bin/perl          <=== *****
     Removing /usr/bin/perl5         <=== *****
Cleaning up /etc/make.conf... Done.
Cleaning up /etc/manpath.config... Done.
+ Removing /usr/local/share/sgml/catalog.  It is empty.
+ Removing /usr/local/share/sgml/catalog.ports.  It is empty.  <=== ****
+ Removing /usr/local/share/xml/catalog.  It is empty.

Something odd is going on.


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