ANNOUNCE: Tinderbox 2.3.0 Release Candidate 2 released

Michael Landin Hostbaek mich at
Wed Jan 25 05:11:43 EST 2006

Joe Marcus Clarke (marcus) writes:
> There is a default value, TRUE, in the schema.  I don't see why this
> would happen.

I beg to differ.
I see the default value for the table build_users, but in the table
build_ports_queue, there is no default value. (Maybe I'm missing

> Seems to me you haven't kept your schema up-to-date.  You should
> definitely have a build_ports.Last_Fail_Reason column.  I already fixed
> the time problem above.

Well, I've simply just run the script with each upgrade.

Perhaps, I'll have to nuke everything in db, and start from scratch.


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