Alexander Logvinov freebsd at akavia.ru
Fri Jun 1 01:56:42 EDT 2007

Hello, Joe.

>>   Why doesn't it see path in DISTFILE_CACHE? Is it my local problem?
> DISTFILE_CACHE doesn't support nullfs (probably because no one asked for
> it) so you need to specify an NFS mount:
> DISTFILE_CACHE=localhost:/usr/ports/distfiles
 I always start my build with  "./tinderbuild -nullfs -b 6-STABLE" and everything is ok without
 setting another MASTER_SITE_OVERRIDE. :)

 BTW what about http://marcuscom.com/pipermail/tinderbox-list/2007-March/000804.html thread? Now my
 way is patching mkbuild by adding "cp -f ${pb}/jails/${jail}/make.conf ${D}/etc" line. Is it right?


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