i386 jail on amd64 continued

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at marcuscom.com
Sat Jul 4 17:32:42 EDT 2009

On Mon, 2009-06-29 at 17:48 +0100, xorquewasp at googlemail.com wrote:
> Hello.
> I appear to have a semi-working i386 tinderbox jail on AMD64
> but am getting incorrect results for some ports.
> The jail appears to identify itself as ARCH=amd64 and I've
> been unable to override this.
> This causes ports such as glib to fail to compile as they
> contain arch-specific assembler code and the wrong code is
> assembled.
> Any idea how to fix this?

If the Jail arch != the system arch, the TARGET_ARCH variable should be
set in the Tinderbuild environment.  Is this not happening?  What is the
output of tc getJailArch -j JAIL?


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