can tinderbuild survive reboot?

Chris Whitehouse cwhiteh at
Sun Nov 8 17:55:37 EST 2009

Hello all

When I reboot whatever port in the build queue had status PROCESSING 
before the reboot is ignored by tinderd when it starts up again. If 
there is another port with ENQUEUED status tinderd starts with that one. 
If there isn't another ENQUEUED port tinderd still doesn't get back to 
the ignored one. At some stage the ignored port gets dropped from the 
build queue.

There is an easy workaround which is to reset the status of the ignored 
port to ENQUEUED or add it back to the build queue if it has been 
dropped. I just wondered if it could be fully automatic.

The machine is my home desktop and I would like to use spare cpu cycles 
for package building while it is on but I don't want to leave it on. I 
suppose most people running tinderbox use 24/7 machines so it is never 
an issue.

The tinderbox jail is 8.0RC2 running on a 8.0RC2 host. Tinderbox is 
version 3.2.



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