ANNOUNCE: Tinderbox 3.3 released

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Fri Nov 27 12:39:45 EST 2009

The Tinderbox team is proud to announce the release of Tinderbox 3.3.
This release brings numerous bug fixes and some feature enhancements.
The changes include:

**HEADS UP** A static data change is included this release, so be sure
to run ``tc Upgrade''.

* A new unified logging system has been added so that all log files can
be centralized in one location.  See the README for more details on
enabling this feature.

* A collection of user-contributed Hooks has been added.  So far only
two Hooks are included.  See the contrib/hooks subdirectory for more
details.  Also, feel free to submit your Hook ideas.

* The /proc directory is now ignored when checking for leftovers.  This
fixes some false-positives when running multiple builds in parallel.

* MySQL 6.0 is now supported.

* The SRCBASE environment variable is now unset in portbuild to prevent
environment pollution.

* Support for using lftp to fetch binary release distributions for Jails
has been added.  This can seriously cut down on Jail prep time.

* It is now fatal if a port cannot be added to the BuildPortsQueue.

* Make it harder for users to shoot themselves in the foot by adding a
disclaimer to addJail instructing users to use createJail instead.

* Leading and trailing whitespace are now trimmed from Jail, Build, and
PortsTree descriptions.

* Canonicalize port directory names to prevent them from showing up as
dir/../otherdir in the webui.

* Correct a typo which broke copyBuild for packages.

* Switch from using cvsup12 as the default cvsup server to cvsup18.

* Fix the dead symlink removal code to be consistent with the latest
find(1) support.

* Add support for FreeBSD 9.X as a Jail.

* It is now possible for tbcleanup to leave ports which have error logs
associated with them.

* A potential command line overflow in tbcleanup has been fixed.

* Support for multiple Jail build jobs has been added as well as the
-DNO_CLEAN flag.  This can help speed up Jail builds.

* Perl 5.10 is now supported.

* PEAR-MDB2 is now required, and register_globals is not.

* The postPortsTreeUpdate and postJailUpdate Hooks are now run while the
file systems are still mounted.

* The postPortsTreeUpdate Hook is fatal once again.

* The result of getDbInfo is now properly checked so the database is not
configured if there is no access.

* A corner case where cleaning up mounts may kill off processes it
should not has been corrected.  This fix requires lsof to be installed
on the Tinderbox host system.

* A memory consumption issue with webui and large number of ports has
been corrected by adding a variable, list_limit_nr to control the number
of ports shown.  This limit is disabled by default.

* The webui is now E_ALL safe.

* RSS feeds are now generated per maintainer, and a drop-down menu for
feeds has been added to the homepage.

* The column headers are now clickable to allow for sorting.

* Read-only access is now granted to everyone for the tinderd queue

* "All really Build Failures" has been renamed to "All Failures".

* A link to All Build Failures and All Failures has been added to the
latest_buildports page.

* A misuse of the TRIM function has been fixed for Postgres databases.

* Maintainer email addresses are now normalized to lowercase.

* Fix a bug with addPort -a where the first Build's SRCBASE would be
used for all subsequent Builds.

* Fix the webui so that the domain of all maintainer addresses are
assumed to be lowercase.

This contributors to this release were Martin Wilke, Ion-Mihai Tetcu, Ade
Lovett, Oliver Lehmann, Beat Gaetzi, Koop Mast, Dmitry Morozovsky,
Alexander Loginov, Tom Judge, Philip M. Gollucci, Tom McLaughlin, Alexey
V. Degtyarev, xorquewasp at, and Wesley Shields.


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