Build stuck in webui

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Thu Nov 25 13:44:41 EST 2010

On 11/25/10 12:32 AM, Beech Rintoul wrote:
> I have a build that failed, now it's stuck in webui.
> I killed the build ./tc tbkill -b 8.0-FreeBSD. I killed tindered.
> I even rebooted the box, no joy.
> Short of deleting the build itself and rebuilding it, how do I get this out of 
> the web interface? It's just running time up. Target Port displays "N/A" and 
> Port reads "preparing next build". I tried another build which replaced the 
> display and almost immediately failed and went back to the above.

You can delete the Build lock file then start it again.  The reason
you're still seeing it in the UI is most likely due to the fact that its
status is PORTBUILD.  You can also try setting the build_status IDLE for
this Build in the database.


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