easy way to upgrade to "jailed TB"?

Oliver Lehmann oliver at FreeBSD.org
Fri Aug 3 09:38:18 EDT 2012

Dmitry Morozovsky <marck at rinet.ru> wrote:

> From tb README:
> --- 8< ---
>          Important: All Jail names MUST begin with their FreeBSD
>          major version number. That is, the following is an illegal
>          jail name: "FreeBSD-8.2".
> --- 8< ---

What should this tell me? My jail name starts with the FreeBSD major
version number as I posted in my original post (lower part).

But in lib/portbuild here you see:


    jname=j$(echo ${build} | sed -E -e 's|\.||')

    jexec -U root ${jname} /usr/sbin/service ldconfig start

    jail -r ${jname}

That a "j" is added in front of thejail name (no idea why) - it looks
like I've something missing here somehwere in the DB or the filesystem
which prevents me from using my old setup.

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