[patch] mass build without hook

olli hauer ohauer at gmx.de
Sun Mar 11 16:01:09 EDT 2012


I finished a new version of my mass build patch which is database independent and full integrated into tinderbox.
The hook mass-build-pgsql.sh is no longer needed also pgsql and mysql are supported.

So what does the patch do and when it is useful four you?

The patch is useful if you build/rebuild a bunch of ports ( for example with ./tc addBuildPortsQueueEntry -b ${BUILD} )
In absolute ideal case the ports have the exact order in the buildPortsQueue so no port depend on another port with status ENQUEUED.

The patch follows this (make) assumption.
 - if the port is up to date, then also all BUILD|LIB|RUN depends are up to date
 - if the portbuild finish with status SUCCESS all dependencies are up to date and should have status SUCCESS
 ==> set all those dependencies (make all-depends-list) to SUCCESS in buildPortsQueue

patch against tinderbox HEAD:

patch for ports/tinderbox

no patch for ports/tinderbox-devel since this version is older then ports/tinderbox

Since I found no good name for this function I used the first chars from the database function to construct the additional parameter.
( updateEnqueuedToSuccess --> parameter -uets )

Maybe this patch can be merged into tinderbox-head?


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