[patch] fix NFS read errors while tinderbuild -nullfs is running

Alex Bakhtin alex.bakhtin at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 04:53:28 EDT 2012


     I discovered a problem in my tinderbox installation. While tinderbuild
is running (with -nullfs option), my NFS clients are experiencing read
errors. After some troubleshooting I understood that this is because
/sbin/mount send -HUP signal to /sbin/mountd every time it mounts/unmounts
any filesystem. After receiving -HUP signal /sbin/mountd reloads it's
configuration file, causing all pending NFS requests to fail.

    The solution is to use mount_nullfs instead of mount in tinderbox. It
would not send -HUP to mountd.

    Please look at the attached patch. It fixes two problems:

1. Minor - lsof warnings if there are processes in system owned by UIDS not
in /etc/passwd file (jailed processes).
2. Major - NFS read issues.

Alex Bakhtin
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