Building 9-RELEASE or 10-CURRENT inside Tinderbox

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Tue Jan 1 11:10:02 EST 2013

On 1/1/13 6:26 AM, Muhammad Moinur Rahman wrote:
> Hi,
> While trying to create a jail with 9-RELEASE or 10-CURRENT tags I am
> getting the following error :
> "ERROR: Required auditdistd user is missing, see /usr/src/UPDATING."
> Is there any workaround for this ? Although we can fix it up using a
> mergemaster -p while working in a real machine but what about it when
> inside tb?

What version of FreeBSD is your host?  One of the TB requirements is
that the host run at least the latest version of FreeBSD for which you
intend to build in TB.  So, if you're trying to build a 10-CURRENT Jail,
your host needs to be on 10-CURRENT.


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