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Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at marcuscom.com
Wed Jan 23 13:18:07 EST 2013

On 1/23/13 11:47 AM, Tomoyuki Sakurai wrote:
> hi list,
> as you have already know, new OptionsNG requires to set ${UNIQUENAME}_SET
> instead of WITH_FOO. as UNIQUENAME is unique, you don't have to write ".if
> ${.CURDIR:M*/foo/bar} ... .endif" anymore. it seems the best current practice
> to set ports options is using "${TB_ROOT}/scripts/env/etc/build.${BUILD}",
> which is sourced by sh(1).
> my question is, how do you set environment variables with "-", e.g.
> "apache22-worker-mpm", "rubygem-foo", etc.
> FreeBSD kernel and make(1) do accept "foo-bar" environment variable but sh(1)
> does not.
> $ export foo-bar="buz"
> export: foo-bar: bad variable name
> we have been using postBuildExtract hook to copy make.conf(5) into the build
> environment, but make.conf is not used when tinderbox retreives dependencies.
> that is, if the option changes dependency of the port, the build fails with
> "mtree" error.
> it looks to me that, as long as sh(1) is used to setup environment variables,
> there is no way to "export foo-bar=buz". as such, tinderbox will have to support
> make.conf(5). also, "env" lacks per-port environment variable support. e.g.
> .if ${.CURDIR:M*/www/mod_perl}
> APACHE_PORT=  www/apache13
> .else
> APACHE_PORT=  www/apache22
> .endif
> any thoughts?

Seems like the OptionsNG guys should have thought about maintaining
sh(1) compatibility (or maybe they did and it was decided to drop it).

The buildenv process does set a few variables that may help.  First, it
sets __MAKE_CONF to point to the Jail's root make.conf file (e.g.,
{pb}/jails/9-STABLE/make.conf).  Next, if OPTIONS are enabled for your
build, it will set PORT_DBDIR to point to the specified OPTIONS
directory.  So, if you have pre-built your ports' options files, that
should be sufficient for both makemake and the build itself (assuming
you still use your Hook to copy over the make.conf for the build).


> p.s. my __DSVERSION__ is 3.3.2.

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