Announce: Tinderbox 4.0.1 now available

kaltheat kaltheat at
Mon Jul 15 07:39:43 EDT 2013

---- On Sun, 23 Jun 2013 06:49:50 +0200 Joe Marcus Clarke  wrote ---- 

>This is a micro release aimed at fixing a few bugs that were reported 
>with 4.0.0. 
>Changes in this release include: 
> * Revert the way distfiles are cached to that it continues to work 
>with NFS 
> * Properly escape jail names 
> * Fix build error mails. 
> * Stop trying to remove packages in hidden directories, such as zfs 
>snapshot dirs 
> * Fix potential hangs when building pnohang (ironic, no?) 
> * Touch a default src.conf when a new Jail is built 
> * Add .MAKE.LEVEL to exclusion list of variables to unset 
> * Don't strip all spaces from env files, just the ones immediately 
>following = 
>A big thanks to crees for his work on the fixes in this release. 


is it right that this release is not in FreeBSD ports tree?


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