ANNOUNCE: Tinderbox 4.0.0 Released!

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Sun Mar 3 16:42:57 EST 2013

Yeah, okay, it's been a WHILE.  But I'm happy to announce that the next
release of Tinderbox is finally here.  This release comes jam packed
with goodness brought to you by a number of amazing developers, testers
and users.

Some of the big changes in 4.0 are:

1. SQLite support
2. Use of jail(8) for tinderbuild
3. Webui now uses PDO (needed for [1])
4. Addition of "tc configMd" to allow TB to build on a variety of
md(4)-based filesystems
5. Upgrade support for TB 3.3
6. A completely re-written documentation system

There are a slew of people to thank for this release.  I tried to get
them all.  But, if I did manage to forget someone, I apologize.  Enjoy,
and keep the feedback and patches coming!

Brought to you by:

Ade Lovett
Alberto Villa
Alex Bakhtin
Alex Kozlov
Baptiste Daroussin
Beat Gaetzi
Bernhard Froehlich
Chris Petrik
Chris Rees
Dennis Herrmann
Dmitry Morozovsky
Ed Maste
Glen Barber
Guido Falsi
Hanne Moa
Ion-Mihai Tetcu
Jason Helfman
Joe Marcus Clarke
Jun Kuriyama
Koop Mast
Marco Broeder
Mark Johnston
Mark Linimon
Martin Wilke
Michael Johnson
Olli Hauer
Philip M. Gollucci
Renato Botelho
Steve Wills
Wesley Shields


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