Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Joe Clarke eca0bdab9b Concatenate continued lines in the Makefile. 3 months ago
  Joe Clarke fb0bc482bb Bump version to 2.21. 3 months ago
  Joe Clarke 33dea4226a Colorize output for warnings and errors. 3 months ago
  Joe Clarke 724a01f6ab Avoid a bogus error on ports that append to DISTFILES. 3 months ago
  Joe Clarke 61c1025894 Soften the desktop-file-utils message. 3 months ago
  Joe Clarke 352e53e163 Ignore direct command use in CPE_VENDOR. 11 months ago
  Joe Clarke a811deeae7 Bump version to 2.20.0. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke f4a4112c8f Remove vestiges of SVN. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke f524bb7d73 Check for duplicate distinfo items. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke 8c94e5dfb8 Bump version to 2.19.14. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke 6c7e484bbd Remove the warnings around WWW checks. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke 35d9c84ae5 Bump to 2.19.13. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke 6271783d52 Support the new Makefile WWW macro. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke 45f5b82880 Check for .desktop file installation. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke bc0507c679 Allow for a plus in other places in a version. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke d165d6499f Bump version to 2.19.12. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke be8ccacedf Add PKGBASE and FLAVOR checks 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke e073c8adcf Remove debug command. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke abed509fe2 Bump version to 2.29.11. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke 79f811c623 Don't strip variable modifiers when dereferencing. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke 32b943fcac Merge change from upstream to remove self-conflicting warning. 1 year ago
  Joe Clarke 68e390eb42 Bump version to 2.19.10. 2 years ago
  Joe Clarke 741a6c62b9 Don't check for direct use of commands in PORTNAME. 2 years ago
  Joe Clarke 19b899118d Split on first '@' to avoid breaking directory detection. 2 years ago
  Joe Clarke 0689a9794f Remove checks for deprecated INSTALLS_ICONS. 2 years ago
  Joe Clarke e4b692f97b Don't consider variable substitution when checking DEPENDS. 2 years ago
  Joe Clarke 1bfb870db4 Add some other allowed fully-qualifed paths. 2 years ago
  Joe Clarke bb574e3d13 Add check for redundant CONFLICTS version matching. 2 years ago
  Joe Clarke c4a58d4473 Flesh out CONFLICTS checking. 2 years ago
  Joe Clarke d01278495e Bump version to 2.19.8. 2 years ago